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Hairy Not Scary

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Why We Love It

It’s a well known fact that your pets aren’t always excited to go to the vet. Show your pet owners that you’re a vet that their pet will actually enjoy coming to.

The spot is set to the background of intense, high stakes music. This offers the audience a humorous view of what might be going on in their pet’s head.

“Hairy Not Scary” offers your customer a solution to a deep insight. Even something small like calming their pet’s vet anxiety makes all the difference in the world. Which is what will separate your pet services from the pack.

Who It’s Perfect For

Pet services, veterinarian, pet grooming, pet boarding, pet hotels.


Where To Use This Video

Your Outfox videos are designed and licensed to be used anywhere you want to reach customers:

Your website - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube - Twitter - Yelp - LInkedIn

(basically everywhere except television)


Length :15 seconds


Aspect Ratio

Your Outfox video is designed to work automatically in two relevant aspect ratios which cover nearly all social media.

  • 16:9 (standard) looks great on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where videos play in a wider, more cinematic layout.
  • 1:1 (square) is awesome for Instagram and Snapchat where the square format brings visuals in closer and grabs more attention.

Either way, your Outfox video is already formatted to look perfect. So all you have to do is post it to look like a pro.