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Me Time

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Why We Love It

Life gets busy for everyone. The key is to not leave yourself off the long laundry list. This soft sell approach serves as a friendly reminder that you’re there for them when they decide to take a breath and do some pampering.

Combining tranquil, trending graphics and soft music, “Me Time” sets the tone for a friendly environment. By setting this tone, we are effectively building trust with the viewer.

We instantly fell in love with “Me Time” because it taps into something we all feel; the realization that in the midst of running around, we sometimes forget to focus on ourselves.

Who It’s Perfect For

Nail Salons

Where To Use This Video

Your Outfox videos are designed and licensed to be used anywhere you want to reach customers:

Your website - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube - Twitter - Yelp - LInkedIn

(basically everywhere except television)

Length :15 seconds

Aspect Ratio

Your Outfox video is designed to work automatically in two relevant aspect ratios which cover nearly all social media.

  • 16:9 (standard) looks great on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where videos play in a wider, more cinematic layout.
  • 1:1 (square) is awesome for Instagram and Snapchat where the square format brings visuals in closer and grabs more attention.

Either way, your Outfox video is already formatted to look perfect. So all you have to do is post it to look like a pro.