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Not Alone

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Why We Love It

Today, nothing makes you feel quite as helpless as being without your phone. And we’ve all had that moment of bad luck the reminds us of that. An accidental beverage spill, a forgetful misplacement or the truly unfortunate toilet-tumble. And whoever can get us out of these regretful situations is our hero.

“Not Alone” acknowledges these unlucky breaks and removes blame from the viewer by reinforcing the idea that it happens to everyone. Then it quickly offers your services as the fast, easy solution to get them back on track.

The success of “Not Alone” isn’t one piece. It’s the way all the pieces work together. Messaging that’s both friendly, understanding and simply-stated. Quality, industry specific imagery and graphics that further reinforce the tech predicament facing your customers. It’s a fantastic video to stay top of mind.


Who It’s Perfect For

PC owners and small businesses


Where To Use This Video

Your Outfox videos are designed and licensed to be used anywhere you want to reach customers:

Your website - Facebook - Instagram - Youtube - Twitter - Yelp - LInkedIn

(basically everywhere except television)


Length :15 seconds


Aspect Ratio

Your Outfox video is designed to work automatically in two relevant aspect ratios which cover nearly all social media.

  • 16:9 (standard) looks great on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where videos play in a wider, more cinematic layout.
  • 1:1 (square) is awesome for Instagram and Snapchat where the square format brings visuals in closer and grabs more attention.

Either way, your Outfox video is already formatted to look perfect. So all you have to do is post it to look like a pro.